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Alixa Sutton - San Francisco, CA

Alixa Sutton is a flexibility expert, traveling all over North America giving workshops and lectures. Her work focuses on teaching coaches & athletes to improve flexibility, learn new techniques, help prevent injuries, and to control existing flexibility. Formally a competitive gymnastics coach, Alixa has spent the last 10 years developing her unique stretching techniques specifically designed for people not naturally flexible. Visit her site at

Alixa worked for Cirque du Soleil, creating the contortion number for KOOZA. She was the creator & trainer for the first professional kid contortion group in the US, the Mystic Pixies. Alixa is well known for her work with Cirque du Soleil, USA Gymnastics Federation, Ontario Gymnastics Congress, Rhythmic National team members, US Vaulting Federation, World Champion Sports Acro athletes, and many many individual clubs.

Alixa is still performing and you can see her work as a Solo Swinging Trapeze Artist at She also does choreography and production. She has created numerous television specials, full shows, and special events galas.

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Our Clients Say:
I had the best show season this year! I owe it all to the clinic this past spring with Geoff Teall. He was amazing. Thank you for that opportunity. It changed my riding career forever. --- Caroline

I've plateaued with my 6 year old and struggled to get through some transitions. The clinic with Hendrik was such a breakthrough! We got past it and now my riding has been the most fun I've had with my horses. Thanks, Chelsey, for organizing that clinic. --- Jen K.

I've only been riding for a couple years and never thought a clinic would be for me. After spending a weekend with Gordon D. my eyes have been opened. He was so good at helping me at my level. I felt intimidated by all the amazing riders but Gordon made me feel at ease and helped me gain the confidence I was missing. I can't wait till he comes again!! --- Stephane M.